Hi, I’m Ben.

After working in the car insurance industry for several years I started NetCars.co.uk as a way of informing younger drivers in the main the importance of car insurance.

For whatever reason, many new drivers don’t seem to fully understand the importance of car insurance and certainly can’t understand why the cost of car insurance appears to be so high, for new young drivers in particular. Unfortunately just like taxes, car insurance is a fact of life. There are however several things people can do that can help to save them money on their car insurance that many people just don’t seem to realise.

So I’m producing content on this site that should help people to understand why we have car insurance, why the costs may appear high, and what options are available to help people cut those costs.

Over the years I’ve been surprised at how many people complain about car insurance yet don’t take the little extra time it takes to explore their options. NetCars.co.uk should help make things clearer.

If you have any suggestions, comments or would just like to say hello, you can do so here.